кто знает 0))))))

кто знает 0))))))

  • 1 задание
    1 He goes to bed at 12 oclock. 2 She sleeps very badly. 3 He often sends e-mails in the evening. 4 She plays the guitar every day.
    2 cooks
    1 Bess doesnt help her mother. 2 My friend doesnt play the piano. 3 we dont listen to music. 4 You dont make a lot of mistakes. 5 The farmer doesnt work in the field. 6 The small boy doesnt… (не закончено предложение)
    1 Do dogs like cats? 2 Do all children like chocolate? 3 Does it rain very often in autumn?
  • 1.She goes to bed… He sleeps… She often sends… He plays…

    2. Ted likes… Chris cooks…

    3. Bess doesnt help… My friend doesnt plays… We doesnt listen… You doesnt make… The farmer doesnt works…??? (предложение не окончено)

    4. Does dogs like cats? Does all children like chocolate? Does rain very often in auttumn

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